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CMP for Upgrade Shedghum GOSP FEL 2 & FEL 3


WORLEY SAUDI ARAMCO Corrosion Management Program For BI-10-12741 “Zuluf Arab Medium (AM) Platforms ESP Installation And Upgrades” (FEL 2 & FEL 3) 2020
WORLEY SAUDI ARAMCO Corrosion Management Program for Dew Point Control Unit (DPCU)-Abqaiq Plant FEL 3 2020
VESTIGO VESTIGO Provision Of Peloton Software, Maintenance, Training And Support Services For Vestigo Petroleum Sdn. Bhd. 2020
HESS HESS WellView & MasterView M&S 2020 2020
PTTEP PTTEP 2020 Annual M&S 2020
MDC Oil & Gas MDC Oil & Gas 2016 Maintenance Renewal for 2 WellView & MasterView 2 application copies 2019
COASTAL ENERGY COASTAL ENERGY Provision Of Supply Of Manpower – Marine Specialist/Consultant 2019
WORLEY SAUDI ARAMCO CMP For Refined Product Pipeline Qassim Jawf 2019
MMC Oil & Gas MMC Oil & Gas HAZOP for Provision of TUKAU INFIELD 2019
PETROFAC PETROFAC Perform Reliability Availability and Maintenance (RAM) Analysis using MAROS Software for ABF Third Boiler Project 2019
SAPURA PETRONAS Planned Scheduled Maintenance (PSM) For PCC Of Offshore Condensate Mercury Filtration (OCMF) Facilities On Central Processing Platform (CPP) NC3CP-A (MRU) Project 2019
KBR-AMCDE SAUDI ARAMCO CMP For Sour Water Stripper And Disposal System – Berri Gas Plant Northern Area Gas Projects Division 2019
MURPHY MURPHY Provision Of Wellview Software, Maintenance And Support Services For Murphy’s Malaysia Operation 2019
ILK CONSTRUCTION PCTSB CMP For Garagol Deniz Revised Process Scheme Project 2019
JX NIPPON (NOMA) JX NIPPON (NOMA) Provision Of Wellview And Master Software Subscription 2019
KBR-AMCDE SAUDI ARAMCO CMP For Replace Gas Compressor – Abqaiq Plant(detailed Design)BI-10-02036 2019
ENPPI SAUDI ARAMCO CMP For Water Disposal System Refurbishment At Safaniya (BI-10-09461) 2019

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